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GoJohnny Compost Toilet, Convenient, Odorless and Safe Indoors

GoJohnny is the answer to the question of how best to handle sanitation in the absence of flushing toilets.  It’s airtight storage chamber and optional vent system keep odors out of your home, while giving your family the convenience of an indoor “privy.”  Although, by covering waste with organic material very little odor is generated even without the vent system. The storage chamber keeps human waste from disease carriers like flies and rodents.  If you choose to use a liner, just remove it as needed and place it in a prepared underground receptacle.

GoJohnny is made of 1/2-inch, 7-ply white birch gloss-finish plywood and has an optional vent system. It is beautiful, functional and very strong.  Use it for…

  • Preparedness, in case your municipal sewage system is interrupted
  • RV trailers to eliminate dealing with unpleasant and toxic holding tanks
  • Tents on camping outings or places of refuge
  • Off-grid homes and cabins

GoJohnny is an ideal gift for recreational and preparedness-minded families.  Many families are buying two or three at a time.  Supplies are limited, so order it today.

The GoJohnny comes completely assembled and includes everything but the deposit pale, liners and vent hose.

Please allow 10 to 14 days for shipping and handling.


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Weight 18 lbs


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