Odorless, Affordable and Safe Indoors

GoJohnny is an affordable and safe stage-one compost toilet that is sage to use indoors.  Made of strong and beautiful gloss-finish white birch plywood, it gives you the option of venting or using liners.  GoJohnny is only $235 and an essential element for families who enjoy the outdoors and are concerned about preparedness.  It’s also a great gift item.  Many families are ordering two or three.  Supplies are limited, so order it today.

Use it for…

  • Preparedness, in case your municipal sewage services are interrupted
  • RV trailers to eliminate dealing with unpleasant and toxic holding tanks
  • Off-grid homes and cabins
  • Camping outings, in tents or outdoors

Only $235 – For more information, just click on the “GoJohnny” menu button.