Meet the Farmers | The Robison's - Heartland Farms CSA

Hi, we’re Roland and Deanne Robison. We both grew up with a strong agricultural heritage and love working with mother nature. We love the Lord and our greatest hope is that we might be able to help sincere people (Mormons and non-Mormons) understand how we can work together to be ready for whatever the future may bring. We’re concerned that many good people have been caught up in the fast-pace consumerism of our modern society to the point that they have lost touch with important realities relating to prophecies and our vital connection to the earth…including but certainly not limited to food.

The world is quickly destabilizing as a result of sin as well as greedy and conspiring men that are more interested in power than in serving their fellow men. With an uncertain future before us, the leaders of our church have given us very wise counsel to “face the future with faith, not fear.” But what is faith? The apostle Paul tells us that “faith without works is dead.” Faith replaces fear in times of distress, but only if it’s applied with action. These actions should include working to understand the prophecies (see “Prophetic Future”), to then humbly petition Heavenly Father for guidance on the things he would have you do, to put a plan in place based on that guidance and to then go to work.

The purposes of our book Sacred Places of Refuge and this website are to help you through that process and create a virtual subsistence community. In the book we’ve included and in-depth analysis of both ancient and modern prophecies, as well as details to help you understand the tender mercies the Lord has provided for those that love him, information to help you put a plan together, as well as programs to help you begin acquiring supplies and developing important subsistence living skills that may become necessary very soon. As we observe history, it is clear that when the Lord is ready to act he doesn’t waste time and there is much to do. So we hope the resources and training we offer through the book and website will help you. Enjoy your time on the website and if you have questions or contributions, please don’t hesitate to communicate with us at