Not a hard core prepper? That’s okay, neither are we.

Our objective is simply to be prudent in today’s uncertain world by getting our family “back to the basics” and teaching ourselves and our children life skills that we may very well need in the near future.

The first step is to “Begin with the End in Mind”.  Why are you interested in food security?  Of course there are many good reasons…healthier food, more affordable food, more reliable food, more fun food, or just getting back to the basics and in touch with the earth. The Continuous Harvest Handbook, which comes free with your order, will take you through this process.  You can be thinking about that.

In the meantime, lets start thinking about implementation.

However, if your focus is FOOD SECURITY, our Continuous Harvest Family Micro-farm program offers a step-by-step plan for progressively moving you toward family food independence. To put you on a plan that will work best for your family, we offer three subscription plans. As part of this program you get YOUR OWN PERSONAL HEARTLAND FARMS MASTER GARDENER OR HORTICULTURIST MENTOR to teach you the unique concepts and help you achieve food independence as quickly as possible.

For more information on the subscription programs, just click the “LET’S GET STARTED” button at the bottom of this page.

*Important Note:  Because of the strong demand for our Continuous Harvest program, we’re accepting a limited number of new subscribers.  Once we get to our maximum master gardener load, applicants are put on a waiting list.  So if you’re serious about getting your family ti food independence as soon as possible, don’t delay…ACT NOW!


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Viewing Products and Packages
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Special Needs Programs: If you’re a widow, a single mother or a disabled individual , please ask us about this program.