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The Family Food Independence program is subscription-based to provide you with maximum efficiency and flexibility…both in learning important concepts and acquiring equipment to develop your farm.  Three options are available to fit your budget and objectives.  For more information on these subscription programs, just click the “LET’S GET STARTED” button at the bottom of this page.

*Important Note:  Because of the overwhelming demand for our Family Food Independence program, we’re accepting a limited number of new subscribers.  Once we hit the ceiling of our master gardener subscriber load, applicants are put on a waiting list.  So if you’re serious about fast-tracking your way to food independence, don’t delay…ACT NOW!

FIRST STEP – CREATING YOUR FAMILY FOOD INDEPENDENCE PLAN:  For most of our clients, the first step is to create your own personal “Family Food Independence Plan.” We use technology to streamline and simplify the process.

  1. Your Own Personal Master Gardener:  Immediately upon subscribing to the Family Food Independence program, you get your own certified master gardener mentor, trained in the Continuous Harvest system. Your master gardener will contact you by email within 48 hours of subscribing.
  2. Self Evaluation:  In the email, your master gardener will include a “Food Independence Self-evaluation” to be completed by you and your family, and returned to you master gardener. This evaluation will help him/her understand how to best help you.
  3. Electronic Site Visit:  Upon receiving your evaluation, your master gardener will visit your site electronically through Google Earth and to identify micro-climates within your yard, establish growing seasons and plan for specific crops.
  4. Plan Completion:  After coordinating with you on this information, your master gardener will send your custom Family Food Independence Plan to you identifying the steps that will best achieve your objectives. The plan will also help you understand how to use the products and services on this site and in your local community to accomplish your food independence goals.
  5. Implementation:  Your master gardener mentor will be available to you through every step of implementation to teach you important concepts, help you with challenges and ensure that you get the results you desire.


When you order products from our website you will receive your order within 10 to 20 days, depending on production and shipping schedules. We will email a planned delivery date to you within 3 days of receiving your order.

A flat shipping and handling fee of $19 will apply.

Viewing Products and Packages
To view the products and packages we offer, just click the “Let’s Get Started” button and follow the prompts. For more information on any products just click on the picture or description. Please note that there are multiple pages of products. To move to additional pages, just go to the bottom of the page and click the page number you desire.

Special Needs Programs: If you’re a widow, a single mother or a disabled individual , please ask us about this program.