Dear friends, welcome to our website.  We hope we can provide you with information that will increase your hope, faith and joy regardless what the future may bring. We’re members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons). But our message is to all good people.

With the missionary surge in 2013 we entered the “Hastening of the Work” referenced in D&C 88:73. Only fifteen verses later, D&C 88: 88-91 quickly moves into “The Fulfillment of the Time of the Gentiles” when the missionaries will be called home and “The Cleansing” will begin. This is the time when the wicked will be cleansed from the earth in what ancient and modern prophets have called “The Great and Dreadful Day of the Lord.”

The prophecies and very clear and the scriptures are very graphic in describing the destruction of this time.  On the day of the 9/11 attack President Hinckley said that it would be a time of “indescribable distress.” World conditions are now aligning for prompt fulfillment of this prophecy. As reported in our book Sacred Places of Refuge, prophecies and visions have clearly described a period of time when the Covenant People of the Lord will be called out to retreat to places of refuge in the tops of the Rocky Mountains.

Through this website we hope to create a virtual community where we can begin to develop the collective resources and skills necessary to not only survive but thrive in a subsistence environment in these places of refuge. Critical subjects explored in the book and in this website include: 1) Rocky Mountain Resource Assessment, 2) Sanitation and Water, 3) Clothing and Shelter, 4) Agriculture and Livestock, 5) Foraging and Hunting, 6) Energy Production, 7) Medical and Dental Service, 8) Security, Communications and Fire Protection.

This website will represent a “living” document, upgrading and updating information as it becomes available and training us all in important skills. Go to our Skill Development page for a training schedule. If you’re interested in joining this community, be sure and sign up so we can get the latest information and training to you.